What My #LittleReader Read Between Ages 6 to 7

As part of our #LittleReaders Campaign, we got parents to share with us the books that inspired, informed and taught their children.
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By the age of 6 our child had developed reading preferences (by 4, she had preferences on what she would love to read, by 6, she also had preferences on what she did not). This was also the age when she learnt techniques at school on ‘How to Pick a Book’ that she wanted to read. Some of these included – reviewing the theme of the book – does it interest her, are the number of sentences on each page too many, too little, etc. She was excited to use this new ‘scientific method’ to pick up books at the school library.

Non-fiction found a great place in her choice of books – Books about countries, about families, reptiles, dinosaurs, festivals. We also introduced her to regional language books at this point (Marathi and Hindi) – she could not read the Devanagari script but we would co-read with her and we thought it gave her a good orientation of books in languages other than English.

Some of the books our daughter loved to read between the age of 6 to 7 years old wee:

Non-Fiction Books about Volcanos, Reptiles, Birds, Rivers of the World, ‘Families are Different’, Cities of the World, etc. Most of these were picture books of course with fact based text on each page (simple sentences or bullet points).
The Panchatantra Series – These were graphic books, some of these she would read herself and some she was being read to.
Marathi Books, particularly a series of books introduced to our child by her grandmother. Authored by Madhuri Purandare, the series is about a little boy ‘Yash’ and his sister ‘Nikita’. All of them are picture books with 2 lines per page about schooling, sibling rivalry, summer holidays, etc. all in a light-hearted humor for children.
• Books on her favorite animation characters that she would see on TV – Sofia the First, Octonauts and Cars. These books we thought were a great idea to encourage bedtime reading. Even on days our child was tired, some of these books were something she would always want to read.

About the author:
Deepti is a travel writer who is passionate about exploring the world along with her daughter. She strongly believes that traveling with children will provide them with newer learning experiences enriching them in addition to their classroom learning. She writes about her experiences at neverjetlagged.com.

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