Cooking with Kids

Blogger Disha Sethi shares fun and easy recipes that are perfect for involving the little ones in the kitchen.
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Inviting your kids into the kitchen is a great way to spend time with them. The kitchen can be a fantastic place to engage your little one because often that’s where they see their parents spending a considerable amount of time. Besides contributing towards cooking, kids can also learn about the food itself, nutrition and the importance of helping out with tasks. I involved my little one in the kitchen from the get go and today, she has a great understanding of what is good for her and what isn’t. She is well aware of the effort we, her parents, put in the kitchen and this had led her to be more understanding and less fussy.

Cooking together has become a therapeutic and fun activity that has helped me bond with my kid better. If you have a spare hour or two, or a weekend coming up and are wondering how to keep your little one entertained, try following these tried and tested kid-friendly treats. They happen to be my little one’s favourites.

Biscuit Cake

1. One pack of unflavored biscuits of your choice
2. Chilled fresh cream – 11/2 cup
3. Icing sugar – 2.5 tablespoon
4. Pineapple slices – 1 small can
5. Grated chocolate – ½ cup

1. Beat sugar, cream, and vanilla essence till thick and refrigerate.
2. Chop the canned pineapples into small pieces and reserve the syrup.
3. Dip the biscuits in above syrup and arrange in a serving dish.
4. Spread some cream and a few pineapple pieces.
5. Repeat the layers two more times.
6. Decorate the pudding with leftover cream and grated chocolate.
7. Chill in refrigerator and serve.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

1. Apple – 01
2. Flour – ½ cup
3. Baking powder – ¼ tsp
4. Baking soda – ¼ tsp
5. Butter – ½ cup
6. Castor sugar – ½ cup
7. Cinnamon powder – ½ tsp
8. Vanilla essence – ½ tsp
9. Milk – 2 tbsp

1. Grease 8 muffin molds and keep aside.
2. Preheat the oven to 200 degree Celsius.
3. Chop apples and keep aside.
4. Sieve flour, flour, baking powder and baking soda.
5. Put butter in a bowl and cream with the back of a wooden spoon, slowly add sugar and cream till the mixture is light and fluffy.
6. Add the apples, cinnamon, and vanilla essence and mix well.
7. Add sieved flour and milk and mix very gently.
8. Spoon the mixture equally into muffin molds and place in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes.
9. Remove from the oven and transfer to a serving plate.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. ½ cup butter
2. 1 cup flour
3. ½ cup sugar
4. 1 tsp vanilla essence
5. 100 gm chocolate chips
6. 2-3 tbsp milk

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.
2. Put butter in a bowl and using the back of a wooden spoon to beat it until it is soft and creamy.
3. Add sugar and mix well for some time.
4. Add essence and chocolate chips.
5. Add enough milk to make the dough.
6. Divide into 15 equal portions and arrange on a baking tray.
7. Put the tray in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes.
8. Let the cookies cool and transfer to a serving plate.

While cooking with kids can be a whole lot of fun and these recipes are very kid friendly, it is important to take care of the following points:

1. Any cutting or chopping or use of knives should be done by an adult or under adult supervision.
2. Putting and removing dishes from the oven should be done carefully by an adult.
3. Children should be made to stand away from the working oven and gas to avoid any possible accidents.

Happy cooking!!

Disha Sethi also blogs at Parenting & More.


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