What my #LittleReader Read Between Ages 7 to 8

As part of our #LittleReaders Campaign, we got parents to share with us the books that inspired, informed and taught their children.
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At the age of 7 to 8 years children acquire a better attention span and are able to concentrate better for longer periods of time. This, in fact, is an important stage of a young reader’s life when their interests start shaping up, there’s improvement in comprehension skills, vocabulary, and confidence with every book they read on their own. This age is perfect to introduce chapter books of increasing levels. Chapter books amuse children, infusing in them the sense that they have ‘grown up’ as a reader and can now read books just like adults around them read.
As with any other skill, reading improves with practice. The more books a child reads, the variety of those and the length of time invested have a monumental impact on child’s reading abilities.

However, every child’s reading abilities differ, that is why it is vital to note if your child is able to read a certain level book on their own and picking right books suiting their interests. Usually, I let my daughter read a few randomly selected pages of the book to note if the book is way too easy for her or has a few new words to stretch her reading abilities or an outright difficult read that the child feels bored to continue.

The books mentioned below are all available as series and are absolutely loved by my little girl. So if your child loves reading a particular book you can have plenty of similar titles by the same author for your young reader.

1. The Enchanted Wood (The Faraway Tree) by Enid Blyton: This wonderful book changes the way children look at trees and woods. Filling them with wonder and gifting their imagination with a possibility of the existence of Land of Birthdays, the Land of Goodies, the Land of Take-What-You-Want and the Land of Do-As-You-Please among others. The book is a reading delight that opens doors of wonder and love for reading. This book makes a child want to go back to reading it every time they put it down.

2. Matilda by Roald Dahl: A heart-warming tale of a young girl, living a tough life, and finding a way to come out of it. Dahl has used a tough scenario to make it one of the most enchanting stories ever. It is a book that makes children feel empowered by how Matilda takes on difficulties in her life. It is a lovely tale that makes your child, smile, and cheer for Matilda as she gets the better of the evil people around her. Children in my family have loved reading this book going ahead to re-read it many times.

3. Nancy Drew – The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene: This is an entertaining read about ‘Nancy Drew’, a sleuth. It is the first story in the Nancy Drew series. Nancy Drew solves the mystery when the accidental rescue of a little girl who lives with her two great-aunts leads on an adventurous search for a missing will. The book is an intriguing page turner, which keeps children glued to the book till they reach the last page.

4. Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond: Children love Ruskin Bond books for their simplicity, wit, the feeling of belonging and nostalgia each of them evoke. The key attractions for children in this book are Toto, the monkey, who takes a fancy to the narrator’s aunt, a python besotted by his own appearance, a mischievous ghost who enjoys stirring up the house when things get dull and many more adventures. This book, particularly with various stories connected with nature, wild animals and pets makes children feel excited about reading it and narrating them to others to share the joy.

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid #1 by Jiff Kinney: All kids in my family have always called it just a funny book, a very funny book. I won’t go as far as to call it a graphic novel, however, the doodle illustrations enhance the story without actually telling all of it, encouraging the child to sit and read it. This book doesn’t tackle any issues, nor does it try to make the reader a better person; it’s just fun. The connect children feel with the book makes it a huge success. And the best part is, it is the start of a series with many similarly fabulous titles.

About the author:
Megha Mathur is a writer, voracious reader, amateur photographer and self-taught passionate home-cook all wrapped in one. She is a healthcare provider by qualification who gave up her career to be a SAHM and loves learning the ropes of parenting with her child.

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