What my #LittleReader read between ages 5 to 6

As part of our #LittleReaders Campaign, we got parents to share with us the books that inspired, informed and taught their children.
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As my child turned 5, she graduated from reading simple words to reading paragraphs. She simply can’t have enough of reading books every day. In this wonderful phase, I have ensured that she reads all her favorite books from earlier years, helping her enrich her vocabulary while keeping her reading variety with new additions from time to time.

However, her short attention span and new found joy of reading all by herself encouraged me to mix books with colorful illustrations with the ones that had fewer illustrations but meaningful, short stories that we enjoy reading together.

At this point, subscriptions of children’s magazines have been a wonderful addition to her reading list because they not only encourage her to read but the various puzzles, coloring pages and contests keep her spark of outdoing herself with every issue alive. The anticipation built by the regular comic sections keeps my little reader reading at a steady pace to be ready in time for the next issue.

The following are a few of my daughter’s favorite reads that I recommend for 5 to 6-year-olds:

1. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss – My daughter has been a fan of Dr. Seuss’s books for their wacky pictures and riotous rhymes from early on. This book is no different. The beauty of this book lies in the fact that its message on deforestation is very relevant in today’s times. Besides the joy of its rhymes, this book worked as a conversation starter between me and my child about the impact of human activities on the environment in an interesting way.

2. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals – My animal lover child loves this book since she first got it as a 4-year-old. The fascination earlier was mainly cause of the charming animal photos. But at 5 years when she started reading it all by herself, there has been no stopping her from learning amazing facts about animals including creature’s size, diet, home and more. The best parts have been how she has enjoyed learning about how animal parents take care of their young, changes in baby animals as they grow up and how they acquire self-reliance in hunting and living their own lives. Besides this title, many more fabulous titles are available in this series of which my child loves the books on ocean life, bugs, birds, and dinosaurs.

3. Champak – This national bestseller children’s magazine, published in 8 languages has been my family favorite since I was a little girl. Now, my daughter enjoys reading it just as much. She particularly loves the short stories, comic strips, puzzles and brain teasers just as much as I enjoy reading them with her. My daughter eagerly looks forward to the arrival of this fortnightly published magazine, often re-reading the stories from older issues and loving them every time.

4. Aesop’s Fables: A Classic Illustrated Edition by Aesop – Available in bright, beautiful illustrated books, the Aesop’s Fables is a treasure of value-building stories that my daughter has memorized by reading over a number of times. These stories also make for wonderful bedtime stories leaving room for discussion on the lessons learned. The hare and the tortoise, the mouse and the lion and the boy who cried wolf are some of my child’s all-time favorites from this evergreen classic collection.

5. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl – This book is an adventurous read in the classic Roald Dahl style with beautiful illustrations to keep my little reader hooked. My daughter loves the giraffe and the idea of a ladder-less window-cleaning company. This book is an exciting read for 5 to 6-year-olds and also encourages children to pick other fabulous titles by the master storyteller Roald Dahl.

About the author:
Megha Mathur is a writer, voracious reader, amateur photographer and self-taught passionate home-cook all wrapped in one. She is a healthcare provider by qualification who gave up her career to be a SAHM and loves learning the ropes of parenting with her child.

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