3-5 yrs
Socio-Emotional Skills

Fun Indoor Activities to Engage Kids

Need some inspiration for keeping your child active and engaged indoors? We've got you covered.

With the summer vacations beginning your child will have the luxury of a long break. Working parents are often anxious about these vacations as they do not have enough time to spend with their child while he/she is at home throughout the day. Many parents prefer to sync their official yearly leaves with their kids’ vacations, in order to make most of the limited time. Often while spending time with their kid at home they struggle about the indoor activities. Taking them to the zoo, park, library, amusement parks are easy as you don’t even realize how time flies by. But when the child is at home it becomes a struggle on how to engage and entertain kids. Often kids are seen resorting to TV shows and digital games on tablets and smartphones. But with these ‘easy to go to’ activities parents re-think whether they are healthy for their child?? They remember their old days when there was no TV, no phone and yet there were many activities we did indoors like playing board games, reading comics, floor games, role plays, etc.

There are a whole lot of interesting and simple indoor activities that parents can do with their kids and keep their child away from boredom.

Board Games
Ludo and ‘Snakes & Ladders’ are passé! Your child feels that these are games of the oldies. How about introducing similar games to them with a colourful and new twist. Educators at Sesame Street Preschools often play ‘Cookie’s Road Rules’ game with kids. This is a board game that aims to educate children around road safety and road rules as they roll the dice and move ahead in the game.

Make a café at home
Make one of the vacation days as a café day. One evening invite your kid’s friends over for a fun role play in which you and your child become the café owner and server while the friends are customers. During the day engage the child with yourself in cooking healthy foods like sandwiches, colourful idlis, dhoklas, milkshakes, etc. Put a price tag on each item. In the evening when all kids have gathered distribute play money among them and explain to them that to buy each item on the menu they need to shell out a certain sum of money. In this way, kids learn about dealing with money, counting, spending, etc. While your child gets educated about simple money matters, you will be thrilled to see an amazing get together at your place!

Activity Sheets
There are many interesting activity sheets available online which can easily grab your little one’s attention. You can also create activity sheets at home. For example – Make an outline of a tree and help your child do lady-finger painting on it. Using colorful sheets of paper help your child create Greeting Cards for his/her friends and relatives. You can also visit www.galligallisimsim.com or www.sesamestreet.org to engage your child with some interesting art and craft related activities.

Play educational songs and videos
Kids love to play games on the laptop or tablet. Wouldn’t it be ideal if these games were also educational? There is a huge list of educational and entertaining games on www.galligallisimsim.com which are aimed at literacy, numeracy, sanitation, etc. On the website, you can also find many educational videos like Chamki and Grover talking about nutritious food or Elmo singing about savings and many other healthy habits.

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