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Helping Your Child Overcome Fears

Little children might have big fears. Here’s how you can help your child address and overcome some of these fears.
overcoming fears

Little ones often deal with fears of their own. By following some of the suggestions below you can help your child not only address those fears but also overcome them.

Talk about it: 

  • Ask your child if he has any fears. Explain that it’s okay to have fears and reassure him that you are there to protect him. While his fears may seem silly to an adult, they can be very real for a preschooler, and it is important to acknowledge his feelings and anxiety.
  • Talk to your child about what Chamki was afraid of in the Galli Galli Sim Sim episode “Afraid of the Dark” and how she overcame her fear.
  • Together, problem solve how to help him overcome his fears. For example, if he is afraid of the dark, create a routine at night that will help soothe his fears, such as turning on the night light. Reassure him that he is cared for and safe.

Involve storytelling: Take a trip to the library and read a book together about a character who is afraid of something. Talk about what happened in the story and what made the character feel better.

Take It further: Through pretend play, children often have an easier time making sense of the world around them. Role play a situation that your child might be nervous about and practice different strategies to help him feel less afraid. For example, if he is afraid of the dentist, role play what may happen at the dentist’s office, such as what he will see and do during his next visit.

Source: PBS

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